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Thank you "Unknown User" for adding more time to the website, very much appreciated by all
all raiders need to have signed up to [link], i'm going to be putting an important forum post up so do so fast
more guildies to sign up to enjin please
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So it has come to the time where we wish to increase our numbers for the raid team. We are currently recruiting a couple of healers and some dps. Experience is preferred but not mandatory as we can always teach tactics no problem. What we need are people that are reliable as we only raid on Mondays and that can have a good laugh as well as concentrate when needed to have as little mistakes happen as possible. If you wish to apply, please send a message to Darklegends or any of the other officers within the guild on Blade's Edge/Vek'nilash/Eonar.

Been a while......

Darklegends a posted Feb 25, 15

So, it's been a while since I posted anything on here, so here's an update on how we are doing.


We got 3/7hc on Highmaul but then quickly moved over to Blackrock Foundry on the week of the release as we were getting a little bored of there.


Had a very bad start on the first week and only got 1 boss down due to lack of knowledge and the guides only coming out at the last minute, however we made up for it on the second week with kills on Hans'gar and Franzok and Beastlord Darmac on the normal night of raiding and decided to go in there the following night and got Flamebender Ka'graz and Operator Thogar killed on that night.


On the third week, we cleared those 5 with ease but ran out of time so decided on yet another off night of raiding for us and killed Kromog and Oregorger. Had an attempt on the Iron Maidens and Blast Furnace, but need to fine tune some things and we will get them very soon with any luck


Nice job by all and gz on those that got loot.


Patch 6.1 due out tomorrow so more opportunities for extra gear and other activities to look forward to

So it's been about 2 weeks since I got the website back up and running and posted anything and we seem to be making nice steady progress in Highmaul for a guild that only raids once a week.

We've so far been adding a new kill each week.

Since the first post we added Ko'ragh to the list of kills in Highmaul with a shock one shot on him after a ninja pull by Kyuruao (such scrub :p), we had also killed Kogarth on Heroic on the same night with us killing 7 total bosses in one night.

Last night, we added Twin Orgron on Heroic as well to the list of our kills.

So next we are going to continue with some heroic bosses before finally re attempting Imperator Mar'gok

Nice job done by all, and lets keep this going :)

So after a really long break from constantly raiding SoO, we remade the raid team and have started our campaign on the new WoD raids.

First stop, Highmaul. Well I say "first", its the only one that's available to us so far.

3 weeks of progress on there and we are getting at least 1 new boss a week, so hopefully that continues with the occasional 2 or 3 new ones.

Week 1, easily put down Kargath Bladefist and The Butcher, then stumbled across some difficulties with Brackenspore and Tectus.

Week 2, Brackenspore falls with some help from Nobbel, Ghost, and Mr C. (Everyone needs a Riseborn.... he knows everyone!)

Week 3, with thanks to Easley (who recently left us to raid more) Tectus went down after a few attempts, then a nice easy one shot on the Twins.

Next in our sights in Ko'ragh

Pics have been added to a new forum topic

So, with the long anticipated wait for the launch of the WoD expansion, this site got a little neglected.

As the expansion is now live and we are all settled in to it, I thought it's about time I got this back up and running. I have updated and changed the themes for this as well as removing any old progress so it is up to date with the current content.

Hope you all like what I have done, feel free to let me know your thoughts on the new look.

Posts will follow soon with the kill pics and soon followed with the vids from the kills.

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